Let Freedom Ring / by Lauren Rascoe

Photo by Bayette George

Photo by Bayette George

Have you ever felt like you were stuck inside yourself? In a way your bones became a prison; you’re hidden behind a being that you don’t even recognize in your reflection? Have you ever felt confined within the walls your insecurities and battle wounds built? Do you ever feel forced to fit into the world surrounding you; making you feel so small that at any moment your life will come collapsing down on you because the façade was never meant to sustain with the foundation it was built upon?

I certainly have. In different ways and on more than one occasion.

It seems that when we grow with life and when circumstances change, our situations can sometimes create a standard by which we think we are supposed to live our lives. Sometimes we compensate who we are or how we feel to fit the constructs we’ve either been told or auto-corrected ourselves to become.

I say, drop that.

Understand that you have the power to create the life that you wish to have. Free yourself from the idea that you have to be anything that anyone else wants you to be. Give yourself permission to create your own sense of liberation.

How do you that, you say?

Start by quieting your environment. Turn your focus inward. Listen to what your soul is telling you. Do not compare.

Explore yourself. Evaluate your story. Get down to the nitty gritty of who you are. Take time to understand and love on every piece of you: good, bad and ugly.

Acknowledge you; flaws and all and accept that person.

Pour into yourself. Invest in yourself. Grow. Allow yourself to be comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable. Let go of the things that do not benefit you. (This may include friendships, environments, opportunities… etc.)

Master the art of balance. Know how to tip your own scales for your own peace of mind.

Lean into the vision set out for your life and live that vision out.

Come to grips with the fact that people won’t always understand your reasoning. They won’t always agree with where you stand. But you must put your best foot forward toward living your best life. Regardless of what anyone may say. Your vision is yours. It will come with adversity and opposition. It is your job to stay the course. No matter where the path may lead. It is your journey. Do what has to be done that will best benefit the goal you are trying to reach. Do not cut your corners. Give your dreams all you’ve got. (Even when that 100% looks like 30%) If you walk away knowing that you’ve given yourself all that you can give.. then my friend you know you’ve given your best. Pour into you. Again. and again. Require nothing less from yourself.

Remember to rest.

You are not alone on your journey through life. We are all traveling and we all experience what is to be lost and un-lost, time and time again. This is not something new… but how you perceive it is how you get through. This cycle of feeling burdened will come again and again, but you must remember it is possible to be free. Despite what your circumstances may feel like or bring. You have to give yourself permission.

You don’t need it from anybody else.

I hope find the strength to take your chains off. Let your own freedom ring.