An Open Letter to Me. [Past, Present + Future] / by Lauren Rascoe

Photo Credit: Danielle Lawson — Natural Nerd Designs

Photo Credit: Danielle Lawson — Natural Nerd Designs

As I come into my 26th year of life, I find it is super important to be reflective of the things that have brought me to this place. Thus far, 2018 has been an amazing year. Particularly after living my best and worst life all throughout 2017. Last year was a real struggle, even though I made 25 everything I needed it to be. I did what I wanted, I created, I traveled, I loved and was loved; I broke barriers and limits effortlessly. Watching that chapter unfold has been a miraculous journey I couldn’t be more proud of. And I’m ready to see what else is in store. In an effort to be introspective and reflect on what has brought me here as a blooming 26 year-old woman, I decided to get back into this blogging thing, today, sharing an open letter to who I’ve been, who I am, and who I am going to be. I hope these words resonate and inspire you to maybe do the same.

Dear Past Me,

Thank you.

If it had not been for the experiences that we went through, you would not have transitioned me into the woman I am today. It is because of your willingness to always seek God in everything we do, your apt to follow His command (even when you didn’t want to), and your ability to allow yourself to be a vessel that could be used. All of this has helped shape me into the woman I am. You have been courageous. Always leading with your heart when taking creative risks and always being smart to let your mind take the lead in the strategy of taking calculated leaps. It’s not been an easy thing to balance or even hold stable, but you’ve gone through storms effortlessly to the naked eye. You don’t look like what you’ve been through and that amazes me. For over 25 years, you’ve been one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever encountered. I am glad to know you and glad to continue to unpack all you have learned. I don’t take your journey lightly. To many outside of us, you are many things. But to me, you are the very example I need. You are the reminder that I am capable of many things and that God has me, time and time again. What He says goes and I need not worry about a single thing, for what is mine is always destined to be. Thank you for always being you.

Thank you for setting the standard for who I should be tomorrow.

Dear Present Me,

Happy Birthday!

You’re a year older and ready for what the next chapter has to unfold. Remember to live in this moment. Time and time again. Take life by the reigns and live the best life you possibly can every single day. You are in control of your truth, as well as, the perspective from which you view. Let your perception keep you positioned in the light. Be the positive voice of reason and let that force drive you. Be cognizant of your humanity, but don’t let it consume you. No, you don’t need to be Wonder Woman all the time, but be mindful of knowing that there is nothing that you can’t do. Be sure to take time for yourself. You give so much to the rest of the world, but you will be no good to anyone if you pour out of an empty vessel. You are your greatest asset. Don’t let anyone take advantage of that. Quiet your soul and take heed to the plan God has for your life. He knows what’s best. He will never steer you wrong even when life feels like a big test. It’s all for a purpose. Everything is for a reason. And when the going get’s tough remember, you’re no failure. Believe you, me. You are dedicated in your passion and driven by that force. You may be in between blessings, but even in between you are blessed. You are in a season of harvest. And harvesting is not easy (as much as people praise about the harvest…they don’t really tell you the truth). This is the time you’re planting and tilling; putting in time and putting in work and watering your seeds and pulling up weeds and maintaining your soil… all which requires patience and hard work. You are participating in your growth journey. Never grow weary in that. You are in an exploration period. Never be discouraged about that. People all over are proud to know you and what you are to become. Keep actively waiting on it. Your sprouts will bloom and your visions will take off and will impact exactly who they are supposed to. Your presence is impactful. Your work makes a difference.

Continue sharing your gifts with the world. That’s what they need and that’s exactly what God called you here to do. Never feel any different.

Dear Future Me,

I look forward to the crisp new pages in front of you and the ways you will articulate our story to them. How you will vividly paint the picture for all the world to see. How you will present our masterpiece that will always still be a work in progress. It feels a little daunting, I know, to see such space so clean and pristine, but I trust that you will amount up to the most beautiful story. I believe each footstep we take on this journey is covered and that God’s grace and mercy will guide us every step of the way. I know that we will impact the world further than we ever have before. And that alone is exciting. I believe you are the most incredible being and no one can do life the way that you can. You ARE amazing and you will be the greatest there has ever been. I pray you continue to let your heart lead you. That you wrap yourself up in love and let it be a holy experience. Love and be loved. Be accepting of the power that it can be to you. I pray you learn the art of acceptance. Learn how to receive what others have to add to your life. I pray you learn how to not do it all on your own. And how to expand your territory with the help of someone else. You have so much potential waiting to be tapped into. And I pray before you leave this earth every last bit of it… will be used. I am so proud to see the woman we are becoming… I am in love with watching your story unfold.

Yours truly,